Ketamine and Workout Journey

Incision from nearly 11 years ago flares.

The Journey Continues...

Day 4:
Last night was a pretty rough night. Arm in full pain flare, every movement or bump was gut wrenching pain. Medded in the middle of the night. Put brace on just to stabilize to get some sleep.
Woke this morning to limited movement. Swelling in fingers and hand. Application of Ketamine brought swelling down, but pain is burning in wrist.
With limited movement and a mostly relaxing day for the arm I was able to be out of bed and even away from the house for the day.
Applied Ketamine mid-day.
At the end of this day with support around the arm, weather leaned on a pillow or supported by other hand pain is at a tolerable level. Turning of arm especially at wrist level pain is gut wrenching high. Scar still red. I must admit it still amazes me how a scar nearly 11 years old can burn, look and feel like it's a month old. From my ten years of experience I am guessing this will be a couple week heal. I am not discouraged, but at reminded like all other parts of this journey slow and steady.

Day 5:   COLOR THE WORLD ORANGE for awareness DAY!

This morning as I prepared for work I asked myself, "what have I done?" My arm is swollen, light swelling in fingers. No skin discoloration other than the incision which is bright red this morning.
I set the rubber-band around my fingers and lifted my left affected arm up to wrap my hair in a pony tail as this arm was not going to stand the 20 minutes of hair straightening regimen today. Mid-way I could feel this was a bad idea, but continued anyway. Literally lifted my right foot off the ground as the pain jolted through my entire body. My wrist is locked and will not turn at all and ooooh-howdy was it reminding me. "What have I done?"
For those new to CRPS/RSD this is not an unusual response within a flare, but I am over 10 years in and a solid 4 at striving to NOT create these moments. While few happen to this extent at this point in my life with no actual control or knowledge from me. I would say I choose to 'avoid' such instances as much as possible.

I once heard from a physical therapist our body sends us signals like party tricks. While we may not feel the actual spot hurting, throbbing, or swelling our bodies will do little tricks to let us know it's past it's threshold and time to make new decisions to give it some rest.

At then end of this day what I ponder is happening...remember I am NOT a doc, Ketamine does not numb or treat pain in a what we are used to manner. It does help with the 'party tricks' so unlike when my trainer helped me out of a flare on the first day I put myself in flare because I was looking for the typical signs of which the Ketamine helps keep at bay, lol. This is definitely a journey....

Day 6:
CRPS Rash during a flare
Rolling out of bed this morning was much easier than yesterday. A quick hot tub soak and the day was even easier. Not great, easier. Still fair amount of swelling in the arm, and a little in the fingers. Today we add the rash. I wish I could say with any seriousness, maybe it's the Ketamine. (BWAAAA) The reality is I've done this so many times it's the disease, it will clear in a few days as the heat and swelling return to normal. I will however refrain from further doses of Ketamine at this time, until rash clears. However part of me wants to know if it will help?? At this time probably best left alone.
This morning it was still a challenge just putting my hair up, this evening the wrist has gained a small amount of rotation and does not make my stomach queasy when moved.

Day 10:
Let's play some quick catch up. Day 7 was a workday with the rash and swelling under my brace and spreading slightly up my arm it made for an interesting day. My wrist was gaining little agility/movement still remained locked pretty tight.  With occasional turns making me want to turn my entire body plus making me sick to my stomach. I had to fight the urge to use the Ketamine cream because honestly it should be helping some of these traits, but just in case it further agitated I did not want to risk that at work.

Day 8 I had a quick Doc appointment.  While the appointment could not be with either of the Docs that are familiar with me I was grateful for a few pain meds some familiar reaffirming advice and to be on my way. The day was pretty mellow limiting much regular activity giving the wrist time for swelling to subside. For those who don't know it is recommended not to ever ice the RSD/CRPS affected area.

Day 9 landed me in bed with a strait-outta-hell migraine. Full body allodynia  level was higher than lots of days, along with a nice blend of nausea. Grateful it at last responded to some meds and further sleeping and I was able to spend a little time crafting and enjoying my granddaughter.

So here we are all caught up to Day  10:
I spent about 40 minutes on the treadmill. I absolutely needed heart-elevating movement today. With the weather too cold for this body to make adjustments, and too sensitive to stack clothes I am trying to train indoors on the treadmill. But like all things in this CRPS affected body I have to take it slow. I would love to simulate hiking, but I must train it to be okay in little bits. The lights above the treadmill as well as it's just different than actually hiking up a mountain or butte. I was able to do light household chores with a few different than normal adjustments. With no further agitation. (Smile)

I did return to the Ketamine Compound today to see if it would make a difference either to the negative or positive side. The redness did seem to subside a little and the swelling in my fingers has reduced as well.

My end of the day take: I feel like again this will give mixed results as I was able to be up and around and so that often helps reduce swelling, however since the redness reduced almost immediately that clearly was a cause/effect moment. Mostly glad to be upright, arm moving and ready for the new day!

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