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CRPS/RSD Small Changes Reap Huge Rewards

In 2015 I had been diagnosed approximately 7 years prior to this life altering year... I wrote this and created a a YouTube video...

Continued increasing migraines, coupled with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Syndrome also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) landed me in a really bad place in January of 2015. While the urgent care visits and weeks in bed seemed like a long ago nightmare (approx. 3 years) pain still ruled a lot of my life. My decisions were based on good weeks, bad weeks. How many other things were happening surely would send the RSD into full flare which would always trigger extreme migraines (3-4 days). So once again my doctors would try yet another medicine to see if it would be the miracle cure for me. This particular one landed me in bed for most of the month of January. The pain unlike any I had experienced to that point, and there had been a lot of it prior, trust me. Unable to dress other than super loose fitting clothes, driving only to the doctor, and then back home to bed. The doctors exhausted many tests, including lots of personal expense to see now what else ailed me. I continued to explain these things did not ail me until this medicine. The doctors 2 of them, certain there was no connection the pain continued and the tests furthered with no answers. Finally my family doctor agreed to take me back off it, and return me to a previously successful medicine. The pain began to subside, and in time I returned to my 'normal' overly tired, easily hurting self. I went to Google, I decide to search this time, not what was this horrible infliction, or how to treat the pain, but to 'heal'. How was I going to make more of my life than being sick from one medication to another. Turns out when you start asking the right questions you begin to find answers... I still have migraines... I still have RSD, so I still hurt. But since last March I've not had the swelling, or 'crippling' pain than overwhelmed me then. When I eat my best, I know I reduce migraines to very minimum. It's hard, it's a journey. . . but it far exceeds the journey I was on before. Thanks for watching, and celebrating with me! One Year!

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