Monday, December 31, 2018

Tweaked Planner Coming Soon...

Time Block Planner Tweaked

Here's the intro video, what drove me to create a time blocking planner thinking outside the time blocks as they previously existed. This is now my 3rd year using it and it still brings me to tears when I remember where I started and how much further I can and will go.

Literally all you need to start is a current calendar or planner and some sticky notes. As time goes on you may grow your experience for your needs. But when I started I was barely functioning as much as I may have wanted some great looking big fancy calendar/planner I was functioning at a barely out of bed mode. So simple and functional was absolutely key.... 

Here's my story and I hope you will join me as I release the actual Tweak 'how to'. I am hoping it will be ready to upload by Tuesday, January the 8th. I have put much labor into this and am looking forward to sharing it with you.

Time Block Planner Tweaked; The Why

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