Sunday, March 11, 2018

Great Healing Weather

The Sun is Shining

A common trait for most CRPS Warriors is praying/hoping/surviving the winter straight forward. The cold attacks our bodies in ways that are indescribable unless you've weathered one yourself. So the moment the sun peeks in the Spring even if all we have the energy to do is literally sit or stand outside in it we do.

Well... the sun is shining today and all I can do is watch it from my climate controlled home, lol. 

So I'm trying to focus on other things get a few orders accomplished. Why you ask?

I'm broke out in a heat rash from ears to knees today. I'm working in my very comfy loose fitting night shirt. The itching in crazy around the face right now, but like a pretty good size of my fellow Warriors I cannot put anything on it, or take anything for it. Water. Lots. Flush it through the system as fast as possible. 

Today is at a level if I had to work outside the home I would have to call in sick, but today at my own pace I can get things done.

Just to settle your curiosity for those not in the know (why the heat rash)... It would be common in most people to have these from an allergic reaction to something... food, chemical, etc...

I personally (and many CRPSers) break out any time I've had a fever. Sometimes they are stress induced, sometimes it actually is heat from a pool, hot tub, sauna, sunshine. Sometimes vitamins will do it, and nearly 15 out of 20 times any over the counter, alternative, or prescribed medicine. 

The fun of this particular excursion. As some of you already know that have been following me on Instagram. I just started swimming in warm chlorine pool water, to help eliminate pain and increase blood flow. However I ended up with a soar throat and little cough that maybe nothing more than seasonal adjustment allergies, but I have been exposed to lots of sick people so I though I'd bump up my vitamin C just to make sure. However in the middle of the night when I was coughing so bad I couldn't sleep I reached for the cough syrup. Woke up broke out....uugh.... yep that's how we do things here... ALL or nothing :)

Pretty sure this is suspect of an allergic reaction to DM dextromethorphan in the cough syrup because of previous experiences.

Good news of the day, rash looks like its at a peak point and we are on the down hill roll. :) Bad news one more thing added to the many I cannot take list.
Good news, my health actually continues to get better even though the pain side is worse so I don't very often need cough syrup. Bad news won't know for sure this is the only problem until it clears and I try the pool again.

But here I am Tweaking Life! Making it work, making it my own! Learning and feeling blessed to be upright on this gorgeous day and not balled in a heap in bed!

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